Kate Gamble

When my husband and I found ourselves expecting triplets in the spring of 2009 we knew we needed to find a Pediatrician that would be patient with us as we navigated entering into parenthood in such a big way.

We wanted someone who would respect our educated choices in the direction of care for our children. Someone who was held in high regard throughout our community and has a large network of referring specialists as our preemies would likely need advanced care and therapies for their first several years.

We found everything we were looking for in Dr. Jennifer Schening and her staff at Next Generation Pediatrics. Seven years and a total of 5 children later we are blessed to have her as our Pediatrician. We feel that together with Dr. Schening we have a team effort in caring for our children. We are very grateful to Dr. Schening and her entire staff for truly caring about our family and we look forward to many more years of working together.

Gosia, Karolina, & Sagan

Having a unique view on medicine, I spent countless hours researching doctors before my daughter was born. When I came upon Next Generation Pediatrics, my gut feelings kicked in, and we ended up choosing them as our pediatrician. Four years later, and another child later, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to be a part of such a wonderful place. The office itself is set up with two waiting rooms, one for sick children and the other for well ones. Both contain toys and games. The exam rooms all have unique themes and are decorated beautifully. The environment within the office is welcoming and friendly. Dr. Schening always has colorful bracelets and watches on for the kids to be distracted by while she examines them. She herself is knowledgeable with not only conventional medicine, but holistic remedies as well. That's my favorite part about her, she'll give you advice on how to treat your kids with food/vitamins/herbs. That doesn't always work though, so instead she'll send you to your local pharmacy with a prescription. We've also had the pleasure of being examined by Joyce on days Dr. Schening isn't available. She's kind and intelligent, and my kids enjoy her. Our overall experience has been amazing, and we can't thank everyone involved enough for being as great as they are.


My husband and I wanted to interview several pediatricians before we chose one for our son. So, when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant, we made an appointment with Dr. Schening and spoke to her about her practice and our family medical history. We didn't need to interview anyone else - we both knew she was our pediatrician. She is a wonderful person who truly cares for her patients. She takes her time with each patient and parent to explain things and answer questions. She has surrounded herself with a caring and understanding staff. Over the years we have sung her praises to friends and family alike. Several families close to us have left pediatricians they were unhappy with to see Dr. Schening. After just one visit with her, they wondered why they hadn't made the switch sooner. We LOVE Dr. Schening!" I hope it's not too long? Let me know if it is and I will see if I can cut it back...or if you want more, I can definitely add to it

Ryan and Stacey Haught

Our family was instantly impressed with Dr. Schening and the entire staff at Next Generation Pediatrics. They have created a nurturing and intimate environment in which the doctors, nurses, and staff interact with our family (there's a lot to be said about them calling you by name when you enter the office).

We love the holistic approach that Dr. Schening takes and the thoroughness of each visit with her. We know that no matter what medical issues arise our children are in the care of such a competent and compassionate doctor, who truly values their health and well-being.

Kelly Esquivel

We recently moved and we're thankful to have found Next Generation Pediatrics! Our son is 1 year cancer free after stage 4 neuroblastoma so it was very important to us to find a caring, informed, holistic pediatrician who allows us the freedom to make decisions we feel are best for our son. I'm now recommending Dr. Schening to everyone I know !

Christi Koehl

Dr. Schening was our first choice after learning about her practice. She has our family's best interest in mind and works with us to make the best decisions for our daughter's health. She has a great facility as well.